BathCube Telecoms & Innovation Consultants

Networked Product and Service Innovation


Telecommunications technology continues to evolve and change at an ever increasing rate.

We have many years of experience bringing innovative solutions to market in this industry sector and can advise on products or solutions in many technologies including:-

 Specialist Radio Frequency coverage solutions

 Unlicensed radio communications

 Rural communications / Rural Broadband

 System and module specification, procurement and integration

 Cellular evolution

 Terminal, device and product design and specification

 Telecoms cost reduction

 Machine to Machine (M2M) applications

 RFID and Near Field Communication (NFC)

 Applications for Transport, Health and Building /Energy management

 Prototyping, field trials and transfer to production (including overseas production)


plus all aspects of the related product positioning, management, risk management, IPR protection, investor finance, pilot customer identification, pitch and business case preparation.


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Our Specialisation

Some of the technologies at our disposal

Communications Technologies at our disposal. A toolkit of comms solutions. MBMS MIMO GSM WCDMA LTE TDD FEMTOCELL PICOCELL PMR VDSL IMS EDGE AMR