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Mature tree- Business SuccessConker seed- an idea full of latent potentialSmall sapling - tender and vulnerable stage of business start-up

BathCube helps your ideas reach their full potential

Your idea– full of potential

Start-up:  Vulnerable and only one chance at success

Experience in Depth

Research and Development (R&D) is the key to sustainable long term success for any company.

Whatever the size of the organization funds are always limited and R&D spend is always being questioned by a management with more concerns about today’s cash flow than tomorrow’s.

As telecommunications technology and consumer products continue to evolve and change at an ever increasing rate it has never been as important to have a clear R&D strategy, a costed and evaluated R&D project portfolio and an effective internal innovation culture.

Whether you are a start-up or a multinational BathCube can help you answer the key questions including:-

· To make or buy?

· How to promote an innovation culture?

· What are our networks of innovation– how and where are ideas generated?

· How to introduce Strategic R&D portfolio management?

· How to use Open Innovation tools and methodologies?

· How to run effective R&D partnerships?

· Protection of ideas –are your IPR advisors acting in your best interests?

· How to bring in external funding for R&D development?

· How can small and large companies work together to introduce innovative products?

For Smaller Companies

If you a start-up or SME cash-flow is your biggest problem. As industries consolidate the entry barrier to supply established entities grow and the product maturity requirements and payment times continue to grow. Many start-ups fail because of cash flow not through idea or engineering quality.

We can help you anticipate and avoid the problems. Contact us to find out more.