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Networked innovation

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Our Approach

Unlike conventional consultancies we work within a group of trusted experts and suppliers which form in different combinations to meet a customer’s specific needs - ‘Networked Innovation’

There is no permanently retained staff contributing to overheads and the approach agreed with the customer does not therefore have to include specific skills we just happen to have on our payroll. Not being tied to specific companies and technologies and with experts in many competing technologies we are truly independent and able to impartially propose the best solution to the customer’s needs.

This flexibility and trust relationship allows us to rapidly change direction as plans evolve and enables us to bring a range of experienced and industry recognized experts to our customers that would not be found inside any conventional consulting company.

Where additional skills are needed beyond our trusted network we embrace Open Innovation models ranging from crowd sourcing through to design competitions.










Harness the power of Networked Innovation and Open Innovation. Contact us to find out more.

Network of trusted partners - payroll, IPR, Legal, Business services, Prototype Design, Manufacture, Venture Capital, Grants